Party Trays

Customized trays also available - some trays may require 3-day lead-time.


Medium (14-16)7.25lbs.37.99
Large (18-22)9.25lbs.43.99

Medium (10)50ct.44.99
Large (15)75ct.59.99

Small (8-10)2.25lbs24.99
Medium (10-15)3.75lbs.36.99
Large (20-25)5.5lbs.42.99

Medium (18-22)5lbs.36.99
Large (25-30)6.75lbs.49.99

Medium (16-18)27ct.39.99
Large (18-22)36ct.45.99

Medium (16-18)5lb.39.99
Large (22-25)6.75lb.49.99

Small (10-12)4.5lbs.26.99
Medium (18-22)6.75lbs.38.99
Large (25-30)9lbs.44.99

Large (20-22)8.5lbs.49.99
(Additional fruit trays available with seasonal fruit at market prices)

Medium (16-18)5lbs.39.99
Large (22-25)6.75lbs.49.99

Small (10-12)3lbs.19.99
Medium (16-18)4.5lbs.32.99
Large (22-25)8lbs.39.99

Medium (10-12)12lbs.44.99

Medium (8-19)50ct.19.99
Large (16-20)90ct.29.99

Let our Deli Professionals suggest the perfect side(s) for your special occasion.

Medium (4-6)50oz.18.99
18" Sandwich

Medium (18-22)6lbs.29.99
Large (20-22)7.25lbs.37.99

Medium (16-18)48ct.39.99

Medium (14-18)48ct.19.99
Large (24-32)96ct.32.99


Western Union®

More choices to send money. You can send money in minutes, the next day, either online or from one of our 275,000 Western Union Agent locations worldwide. Use cash, or debit cards.

Postage Stamps

Avoid long lines at the post office while you shop for groceries. Pick up your stamps at Customer Service.

Handicap Carts

McDade's locations are Handicapped Accessible & provide motor operated shopping carts for customers with limited mobility.

Carpet Express

Carpet Express Quick Drying Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a revolutionary way to deep clean your carpet & upholstery & leaving them dry in a few hours The New Carpet Express Quick Dry Hot Water Deep Cleaning Extractor give you professional results at a fraction of the cost from a professional cleaner. See More...

Blue Rhino - Propane Tanks

In a Backyard Near You... There's a rhino on the loose. A blue one. Look for him at cookouts and picnics. Parties and tailgates. At work or home. He will show up a half billion times this year - fueling, cooking, and heating - with a better way in mind.


McDade's Markets offers you a wide selection to choose from in our floral Departments. We have cut fresh flowers, potted plants, snack baskets, beautiful roses and much more. Our display areas have everything wrapped and ready for your busy schedule. Just come in and shop then get it to go. Our stores also have greeting cards and mylar® balloons for all occasions.